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So, I'm glad to say that I'm changing totally right now. Sorry for not posting here, but I write here when I have mood and a theme of the topic. My points of view on everything are altering rapidly right now. New person is comming out. I ADORE MY LIFE!!!

Photo by the_celt
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Bow or shake hands when meeting.

When parting, instead of simply saying goodbye, make a wish to meet again.


Simply walk off.

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I've recently found another 2 photos of myself from Masha Tsigal fashion show - the quality is better(I personally like them much more). This ones will definetely go straight to my portfolio. It's a shame that there were no photos of my first comeout. However, I'm very pleased to find these.

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Finally, after years of infernal applications I got a high school diploma!!! Now i'm drinking fragrant, celestian, full-bodied and delicate aromatized, unforgettable cinzano bianco and eating graceful indescribable bewildering truffles full of seduction. Spending time with only best friends. Connoisseur of dolce vita. My personal Dolce vita lifestyle requires to have excellent marks in diploma. Out of 20 subjects only physics in „good“, other are „excellent“.

I achieved so much during the last semester, so I’m deserving a lot of superb and glorious presents from beloved parents and friends. Got a lot of cash – as fascinating as ever for myself. Main admiration of today – Burberry London Fragrance – redolent of my main destination today.

One photo taken from someone from my friend list – very comparable with me now – a new free person in front of the whole world opened for him, eating life with a large silver spoon.

P.S. Have a look at campari website. They have a great screensaver with rind of orange.
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That's me on the left!!!!

THIS PHOTOS(I'll post other 2 when I will get them) Are HANGING ALL OVER THE TOWN IN REALLY HUGE SIZE(just like ones representing a new movie), I'm so damn happy ABOUT IT!!!
It's an advertisment of one of the leading supermarkets in Saint-petersburg and Russia. On one photo I stay naked behind a bush... That's cool. The photographer was pleased with my work - which is really important to me. Although I got only 100$ for it. But that doesn't matter, because everyone are asking me about it now - Wow, I've seen you!...
Adore my job! I hope I will achieve new heights in the future! MUST DO IT!
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As I recently found out on the 14 of June a new Hugo Boss store will be opened and every collection of this brand will be presented there. As usual a fashion show will take place on its opening. So I want to be there too.

Actually now there are a lot of event relanted to fashion every week - a lot of designers are comming to Saint-petersburg, smth opens, etc. So I hope there will be a lot of work for me.

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On the 15 of June opens new D&G store in Saint-Perersburg.
OMG!!! I want to work on its opeping.
So much. So much. So much. Please, I want to be there!!!
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Now I just came from the film called "Scenes of a Sexual Nature". It was really good, besides on english with only russian subtitles. Just several stories. Different types of people. I adored an old people there who were speaking amazing clear traditional accent which everyone really dislikes in England (I really can't understand why).

As I've read previously in GQ it was important in the past in the UK to speak that kind of language to achieve success in business, but then you would miss the social part as everyone will hate you because you speak aristocratic english. They will think that everything you got in your life is due to your rich parents. So now there exist school which teach you to speak street language, which was also demonstrated in the film. I find this really ridiculous as brits just eliminate their culture.

Soon there will be my algebra exam. There exists a book with answers but they are all sold!!! All of my friends got it. Me unfortunately not. But i am still in search of it.

The fashion show on saturday was ridiculous. I can not even call it a fashion show. It was 2-minutes crap. I got only about 20$ for it! There was extremely bad looking cheap clothes from sweden. Models were ridiculous. My outlook was frightening. They've tried to make an emo out of me(that makes me sick), but what they've done was more comparable to a slut. Catwalk was square-shaped, on the street, the weather was cold. A lot of staff who coldn't do anything right. The next day we should have done just exactly the same show at the mall, but it was cancelled(thanks God!). About a girl who is the face of prada - nothing interesting at all. Hope there will be never such a bad things in my life. ONLY EXCELLENT FASHION SHOWS FURTHER!!! Sorry, I didnt wanted to write any negative things but that one really made me do that.
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Here's a photo of my hair from the last even. I want to mention that I always had acid hairdo on my head while I was working. Tomorrow I'll be a punk and the show will take place exactly on the street! In the middle of the city. I'll wear very cheap swedish clothes. But when will be the next time I'll try myself as a punk? That's going to be an absolutely new experience. Besides, I've seen a girl at the fitting, who is a Prada face for the next season. That would be lovely to become good friends with her.

Finally, I have passed my literature exam so I can easily forget about it for the rest of my life!!! So? now I've got 3 days to study 3-year algebra course as we've been doing nothing for the last year.
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